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10 Tips of buying a car

07/20/2015 16:41:34
10 Tips of buying a car
Cars are something we don't sell or buy every day. Before starting a deal one should have in his/her mind some useful things about car dealerships.

Cars are something we don't sell or buy every day. That is why before starting a deal one should have in his/her mind some useful things about car dealerships. Pay attention to these tips, no matter whether you look for a cheap used car or you are interested in elite auto sales.


Remember :
1. The dealer is more a car finder and sales assistant than a car expert knowing better than anyone the product he sells. Be an informed customer and don't forget that the seller's task is just to move effectively the car.
2. The car prices always include a dealership's profit built in. Even in budget car sales don't hesitate to doubt the start price which is annouced to you with a friendly smile.
3. Previous owners' reports aren't always promptly refreshed and can't be taken as a reference. As modified cars for sale are not a rarity, look the car closely before buying it.
4. Choosing to buy a used car, leasing may be the best and the most secured solution. The main principle in classic car sales is to buy only what has a perspective to appreciate and not to depreciate too quickly.
5. The offers of „special finance” in most dealerships may deceive you with requiring a high interest percent. If you plan to loan money for your deal, take care to get financed or to learn the bank's conditions  before you arrive to your dealer.
6. Hesitating over an extended service contract, know that in the majority of cases it's just a way of making additional money for the company. No matter how promissing the seller's offer sounds, you are not obliged to buy it as it's probable that till the end you won't get your value back.
7. Negotiating the deal, don't forget that the price will haggle anyway even if the car trader insists on a no-haggle car sale price. He just assures to himself larger possibilities to increase his profit, as there appear different price variations while you come to finance the purchase.
8. Asking for information about car you want to get, be insistent and don't hesitate to harass the dealer to provide you complete and exhaustive description of the product, even if they look for motives to hide from you certain things.
9. There is a great difference between a cheap car and a car which is not expensive. Especially talking about used cars for sale, don't let the dealer cheat you, until it's too late and the papers are signed.
10. While negociating the conditions of the deal be prepared to make concessions. Don't look to make a great deal, as it's may be too difficult, a simply good deal will save you time and nerves, and finally money as well.

Be informed, reasonable and diplomatic and your car deal will get you benefit in all senses. 



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