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Hyundai's new approach to the market requirements

09/21/2015 14:25:47
Hyundai's new approach to the market requirements
Hyundai made two high-profile moves this summer to bolster its U.S. marketing and it aims now to do all the possible to make its brand more loved by American customers.

Hyundai made two high-profile moves this summer to bolster its U.S. marketing, inking a deal to replace General Motors as sponsor of the National Football League and hiring Subaru veteran Dean Evans as CMO.


Hyundai started out from a value-oriented position, and it has maintained that position through the years, whether by starting the Hyundai Assurance program or offering the best warranty in the industry. Those rational buying reasons were a big part of what Hyundai stood for.

Speaking about most import brands that are most Americanized now -- people are getting bored of them. They may be on their second or third car from that brand, but the millennials in the family, or maybe the grandparents, are thinking that it's time to take a look at a different sort of import brand. Hyundai aims to profit by this fact and to make its cars more loved, and creative execution is a big area where Hyundai rely on Innocean for constant reinvention.


As a first example there is Hyundai's Santa Cruz crossover truck concept - one of several vehicles on the drawing board that attracted a lot of attention - at the Detroit auto show in January.





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