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10 cars suffered the biggest drop in sales

09/28/2015 15:44:16
Here is a selection of vehicles suffering the biggest drop in sales over the first eight months of the year

Autumn is a start in selling of new models in auto industries, and because of Volkswagen's emission scandal, most automakers have reason to celebrate.

Kelley Blue Book foresees huge sales in the U.S. which can reach 17.5 million units by year’s end. This month’s sales are expected to come in at 1.39 million units, which would be the highest September volume recorded since 2006.

This season the automakers are well-disposed for car buyers looking to find a great discounts on remaining 2015 inventory. Yeap, we’d bet a dealer would take less money than usual just to increase his car sales and to profit from this occasion.

Here is a selection of vehicles suffering the biggest drop in sales over the first eight months of the year, compared to the same period in 2014. These number includes those models which were sold in limited numbers, like exotic sports cars, recently introduced, discontinued or redesigned (Cadillac ELR and Mitsubishi MiEV electric cars).

1. Toyota Prius Plug-In
2. Volkswagen CC
3. Dodge Grand Caravan
4. Chrysler Town & Country
5. Audi A4 Allroad
6. Kia Cadenza
7. Cadillac CTS
8. Chevrolet Volt
9. Nissan Juke
10. Acura RLX


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