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Hyundai aims to launch the all-new hydrogen-powered CUV by 2018!

07/25/2016 13:51:40
Hyundai aims to launch the all-new hydrogen-powered CUV by 2018!
The Hyundai's next hydrogen-powered vehicle won't be a retrofit of an existing model, like the current Tucson Fuel Cell.

It's not a secret that automakers love dropping new models. It is clear now that Hyundai plans to launch a hydrogen-powered vehicle, not taking into account the fact that the current Tucson Fuel Cell is now available. Hyundai has already sold almost 1000 Fuel Cell units.



Ahn Byung-ki, Hyundai Motor Group's director of eco-vehicle development, said that the next-generation hydrogen powertrain will be an all-new model that will be "somewhere between a CUV and SUV." It's interesting what is going to be under the vehicle's hood. The upcoming model will use a fuel cell that doesn't need as much platinum and will have a bigger battery and a smaller motor.



It was expected that the all-new model would arrive in 2020, but Ahn Byung-ki said that they have a good opportunity for PR at the 2018 Winter Olympics, that is why they decided that it would be better to launch the model earlier.


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